Tuesday, 16 June 2020

ExplorerMax Review: Advance & Stylish File Manager

ExplorerMax is one of the best application in the File Manager category, it is a qualified Windows file manager. It features Chrome-style tabs and bookmarks. It supports both light mode and dark mode. It helps you to quickly search for files and get results in categorized form. There are also features such as batch rename, zip, and unzip files. It can match Windows interface color preferences properly. Just by adjusting the Windows settings, you can adjust the color of its theme, ExplorerMax will quickly react to the modification, and show the professional interface.

If you're annoyed by the fewer Windows Explorer features and inconveniences. ExplorerMax is the best option you can find. It is a highly enhanced Windows explorer with far more features for power users. with such a simple UI you can easily find all the functions you need to manage your work and tasks on Windows. If you have to rename a lot of files in a folder, then renaming them one by one would be tedious. With ExplorerMax, you can rename all the files at once. If you want to change the size of text and file names, you need to increase your display size to 125 percent, or 150 percent, and ExplorerMax will automatically suit the size for the experience of smart viewing.

Comparison Between ExplorerMax and Windows Explorer


Windows Explorer

User Interface is fabulous

User Interface is simple

Fast searching

Slow searching

Many advance features & tabbed browsing

Less features & no tabs support

Overall rating 4.6/5

Overall rating 3/5

  • Quick searching
  • Chrome like Tabs
  • Clear Timeline
  • All features of Windows Explorer
  • Bookmarks
  • Zip and Unzip Feature
  • Less GUI customization
  • Hangs/freezes sometimes



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