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Remote Utilities Review

Remote Utilities is the best software to connect a PC to another laptop, desktop. It is a highly recommended software for IT users. This software provides an impressive user interface. Remote Utilities are a highly secure remote desktop software for IT professionals. You can easily see the screen, send documents and files from your desktop to another connected screen, you can manipulate the mouse pointer very easily, sitting in front of the desktop, the screen of the other desktop easily You can control and add new domains by integrating remote utilities in your Active Directory environment, through this software you can easily connect a laptop to another desktop.

Comparison Between Remote Utilities & TeamViewer

Remote Utilities


One time payment

Audio editing quality 4.4/5 stars

It is very easy to use

Audacity is more complex

Supports Audio Recording

Supports Audio Recording

Compatible with XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10

  • Active Directory Support
  • Full Control and View
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • MSI Configuration
  • One time license
  • RDP Integration
  • Requires very fast internet connection



How Remote Utilities Work?

Remote Utilities creates a connection between a remote computer and an administrative one. On remote computer, you install the Host app; the Viewer app is the administration module, and you install it on the computer that you use to control all remote computers; In other words, the computer that runs Viewer is the one you connect to remote computers from.

How to Get Remote Utilities for FREE

Remote Utilities have two separate setups, one is Host & other is Viewer. Host is free because you can't use it without a viewer, which makes somewhat sense. And the viewer is free up as long as you have no more than 10 computers in the address book. Here interesting thing is that you can use Remote Utilities free license for commercial purposes.

Follow the below instructions to get your free license:
  1. Open
  2. Now go to Support option mentioned in top menu
  3. Click on "Get Free License" option given on side menu
  4. A form will appear. Just fill your details & you will get a free license on your mail.
Now you can follow the steps as shown in below video to activate Remote Utilities:

But now the question is why are they giving a free license?

According to Remote Utilities, there are several good reasons.
Free license users are helpful in several ways:

◾ They help spread the word about Remote Utilities.  
◾ Many of our free license users end up purchasing a commercial license when they exceed the free license limits.
◾ Reporting bugs in the software and giving us ideas on improving the program.

Download Link

Remote Utilities version

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