Sunday, 22 September 2019

Download TwistedBrush Liquid Studio Pro Version For Free (Windows)

Liquid Studio is a product born from TwistedBrush Pro Studio but with a focus on creation of individual objects that you might use in other Pro Studio or other art software and with a simpler, streamlined interface. The Liquid paints allow you to model and shape your objects and then paint them with the included brushes with the results being crisp lines you might see in illustration software but without the need to mask anything. You can even continue to shape your objects after they are painted. The process
of creation using Liquid Studio can roughly follow these steps with the first step painting a basic shape. There isn’t a need to be accurate it will be shaped and fine tuned in later steps. Concentrate on creation of a silhouette of what you are trying to create. Using the liquid shaping brushes push and pull your shape to get it closer to what you want. Similar to working with clay but in 2D. The Liquid smoothing brushes can be used to further refine the shape as well as smooth the edges. Using the collection of paint brushes included with Liquid Studio you are now ready to paint your shape. There is no need to mask or select, only the objects on the current layer will be painted and you will have a crisp edge to your object.

  • Quick Command Panel
  • Quick Access Panels
  • good and simple user interface
  • Liquid Art Creation



Download Link - Valid Till 24/09/2019

TwistedBrush Liquid Studio Pro Version

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