Monday, 30 September 2019

Download proDAD Ango Exchange Plus Pro Version For Free (Windows)

Different to many online solutions which are processing or storing data on remote servers, proDAD Ango was developed as a peer2peer encryption method. This ensures that the respective users only can decrypt the data they have received. Not to deploy external servers means more cyber security leaving no potential target for hackers. This way data cannot be read by others during the transfer process nor can cyber-attacks make this content available to third parties. Send encrypted email attachments With
proDAD Ango you ensure this quick and easily. Encrypting files especially if personal data are involved – is being regarded as an optimal technical organizational measure in the sense of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Our encryption solution is equally suited for the exchange of sensible data files as an encrypted email attachment as well as being stored on the company’s own computer system.

  • No online data storage needed
  • No need to remember passwords
  • Good and simple user interface
  • Files can be encrypted and sent directly 



Download Link - Valid Till 02/10/2019

proDAD Ango Exchange Plus Pro Version

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