Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Download TwinkiePaste 2.91 Pro Version For Free (Windows)

TwinkiePaste is the benefit for typing frequently used texts, dates, greetings, standard reaction, Internet URLs, logins, passwords and code templates quickly. Versatile and unobtrusive application. If you often work with texts in foreign languages, you can select a word, then press a devoted hotkey so as to have it translated via Google Translate. You can also select a text fragment then have it searched on the Internet without having to open a browser window beforehand. You can also modify the hotkey used
by TwinkiePaste, which can come in handy if the default mixture is already connected with another app or you are more comfortable with using certain keys. Lightweight and useful clipboard utility that you can take with you everywhere. To wrap it up, TwinkiePaste can help you save time when it comes to typing the same expression on a regular basis, especially when time is valuable.

  • translated via Google Translate
  • work with texts in foreign languages
  • good and simple user interface
  • commonly used texts, dates, greetings, standard responses


Download Link - Valid Till 10/07/2019

TwinkiePaste 2.91 Pro Version

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