Saturday, 20 July 2019

Download GoodSync 10 Pro Version For Free (Windows)

GoodSync synchronizes and backs up files such as photos, financial documents, MP3s, and e-mails between desktops, cloud services, servers, and external drives. Its innovative synchronization algorithm offers true bi-directional synchronization, while its peer-to-peer (P2P) connectivity with block level incremental data transfer allows you to enjoy even faster backups – saving you time and increasing productivity. Goodsync utilizes AES with 256-bit key encryption, with all file blocks chained and random 
salt is applied. Easily back up and sync your files with GoodSync. Our simple and secure file backup and synchronization software will ensure that your files are never lost. Complete control and protection in one solution. GoodSync Connect File Server with unlimited number of allowed users and connections. Data backup and synchronization for Windows and Linux Servers. An easy-to-use automated and unattended service with multiple destination options.

  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Google Drive
  • good and simple user interface
  • OneDrive/Office 365



Download Link - Valid Till 02/08/2019

GoodSync 10 Pro Version

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