Saturday, 7 July 2018

Download ImageRanger Pro Edition For Free (Windows)

Easily manage thousands of photos with new awesome ImageRanger software! No more copy pasting, your photos are sorted automatically into nice folders. Work on multiple images simultaneously, adjust brightness, sharpness, contrast. The ImageRanger provides everything you need to organize your images into a great collection.If you have thousands of photos on your hard drive ImageRanger software
will help you manage all your images.The automatic sorting process will help you keep files in nicely organized folders by date and location.With new, convenient user interface you can adjust image brightness, contrast and other settings on multiple files simultaneously.The cropping of photos has never been that convenient. Browsing huge photo collections is easy and fast with the quick filters which allow you to include only images with specific location, date, keywords or rating.You can rate single and multiple images, assign and remove keyword tags and view EXIF meta information. With ImageRanger you can sort your image files in many possible ways.

  • Easily manage thousands of photos
  • photos are sorted automatically
  • Work on multiple images simultaneously
  • convenient user interface




Download Link 9/07/2018

ImageRanger Pro Edition       

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