Sunday, 1 July 2018

Download Etaria | Survival Adventure Pro Version For Free (Android Game)

Etaria is fictional and mysterious world with a variety of animals and creatures. In this wonderful world, you main goal is to establish your village and citizens, and lead them to prosperity.While traveling in the world of Etaria you will notice that creatures and animals may vary upon each location. You will meet not only cute squirrels and fluffy lambs, but huge and scary scorpions and many others. This game has
sandbox features, such as changing landscapes and building shelters and other useful structures.

  • Randomly generated and endless world
  • Different biomes (forests, fields, deserts, swamps, and others)
  • Variety of animals and creatures
  • Tons of stuff to do: hunting, fishing, mining, crafting and etc
  • Tower defense elements. Establish your village and attacks others.
  • Survival elements. Survive and fight for your life.




Download Link - Valid Till 5/07/2018

Etaria | Survival Adventure Pro Version   

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