Thursday, 7 June 2018

Pigs In War - Strategy Game For Free - valid till 12/06/2018 (Android Game)

Ahead! Get ready for an adventure in the battle of the pigs, take the most devastating weapons and be the king of pigs. If you like turn-based strategy games you will love "Pigs in War - Strategy Game". Are you ready? Grab your weapons, customize your pigs and conquer the whole world. Can you get it? Will you be the pig that waits for? Each country is more difficult to conquer than the previous one you
will have to discover new weapons and fine-tune your aim because an error can be your downfall.Turn the other pigs into a barbecue with your bazooka of acorns and show who's boss in the pork farm, because this is not just a turn-based strategy game, it's also one of the best action games you can find on the battlefield. .. And what a battle!.Action games? Strategy games? Do you like them? Because you will love these adorable pigs who make fun of the enemies and show that they are the best by first coming to the aid and ammunition packages for their weapons.If you like strategy games and fighting games, this battle is for you, the most sluggish war with the most charismatic pigs you will find on the whole planet is about to start and you will lead the piglets to victory.Get ready for one of the most fun strategy games of this 2018, you can shoot weapons with great precision, acorns and much more leading your warrior warriors to the battlefield where the enemy pigs await us. This is the battle in the style of Hogs of war and we will not give up, because a real pig is brave until the end and they will win all the battles that come up in the pig war, the pigs are not afraid of anyone and when it's about strategy they are the best. Undoubtedly, these beauties will conquer your heart and conquer the battlefield in search of the definitive war, the war of the pigs and pigs Pig in war! World war of pigs where the acorns will take a back seat as soon as you get all the weapons in different levels and where you will be able to create a tension against the opponent, online or offline, since you can play the war in multiplayer mode and in this way Declare war on your friends. YES! play in online mode the most incredible war, the online strategy game and online strategies that you will love and have fun without end. Enjoy the leadership of the most charismatic piglets and have endless fun in the most epic adventure with epic forge. What are you waiting for the final battle? The bravest pigs are already waiting for your orders, cheer up for the final war between pigs and pigs, the pigs will be governed by your iron mandate. Come on! The pigs are waiting for you.

  •  Simple and fast
  • Tutorial so you do not get lost at the beginning of the battle
  • 15 types of weapons
  • Play 2 vs 2 with friends sharing your mobile Only with one download!
  • Weapons of all kinds, classic, modern and ... sows!
  • More than 10 types of scenarios for the most epic fight.
  • Customizable pigs 



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