Friday, 8 June 2018

Nutrition GPA Pro For Free - Valid Till 9/06/2018 (Android App)

Developed by nutritionist Monica Reinagel, the Nutrition GPA app helps you make lasting, meaningful changes to your eating habits. But this is NOT your typical diet tracker.Most diet trackers require you to look up and log every single thing you eat in order to get a read on your nutrition.With the Nutrition GPA, there’s no tedious data entry, no measuring and weighing, no searching for foods, no calorie counting.
Every day, answer ten yes or no questions about what you ate that day and get instant non-judgmental feedback on the quality of your diet, along with clear direction on how to improve your eating habits and nutrition. Then, watch your Nutrition GPA improve over time! It’s easy,fun, and effective. It’s also backed by decades of nutrition science and research.

  • Daily quiz for instant feedback on the day’s choices
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average shows average quality of your diet over time
  • View, edit, and export your history



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