Monday, 11 June 2018

Download nBubble Elite Notifications in bubble Pro Version For Free - Valid Till 17/06/2018 (Android App)

nBubble View and quickly reply chats of online messengers easily with nBubble! nBubble is a revolutionary app that everyone needs. This is a notifier app that organizes your online messenger message notifications and allow you to quickly send reply without opening each app. nBubble works on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Email, SMS, Hangouts, and other online messenger services.
Read more to find out our features and how we can simplify your life with our revolutionary notifier app.nBubble Message Bubbles works by taking notifications from various messaging apps and display it to you as a floating icon or chat head, very alike to Facebook’s chat heads. And we give you a heads up, our app works even better because our app supports other messaging apps as well! Our app sends a popup to notify you, even when you are playing games or watching Youtube in Fullscreen mode. There are many options and various ways you can customize our messaging bubble notifier app. 

  • Notify you when there’s new chats 
  • All messenger notifications in chat heads. 
  • View message notification later.
  • Customize your message bubbles and themes. 




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 nBubble Elite - Notifications in bubble Pro   

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