Saturday, 30 June 2018

Download Wild West 3D Live Wallpaper Pro Version For Free (Android App)

For easy launch on latest Android devices (or any other) , please use "Live Wallpaper Shortcut" app or official Google "Wallpapers" app. It will bring live wallpapers menu in one click. One of the most amazing wild west 3D live wallpapers on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Enjoy amazing atmosphere of western city with sharp and vivid graphics.12 different cameras available along with impressive cinematic
view.Also additional customization settings available.Do not rely on screenshots, you have to download it to understand the real 3D impact.Wild West 3D Live Wallpaper made with OPEN GL 2.0 and optimized to consume low resources and also not to drain your battery.

  • Live Wallpaper Shortcut
  • amazing wild west 3D live wallpapers
  • 12 different cameras available
  • real 3D impact



Download Link - Valid Till 1/07/2018

Wild West 3D Live Wallpaper Pro Version 

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