Friday, 15 June 2018

Download VR Tomb's Secrets Pro Version For Free - Valid Till 20/06/2018 (Android Game)

No one has yet been able to finish that game. The most powerful Pharaonic virtual reality game.Quoted from a true story.If you love pharaohs, horror, and movement.If you are a fan of horror movies movement and secrets.We offer you the strongest game you can live within that game.You are the story and you are the one who chooses your destiny inside the game.Pharaonic curse you will see it as you have
not seen it before.We have made you free to make your decisions within virtual reality.In ancient Egypt deep in the pharaonic tombs, death haunts you all the way, in this game you're gonna lose your mind watch out the journey is gonna be scary, mysterious and adventurous ,let us take you on this trip to learn more about ancient life of 7000 years and you won't regret ,come on download the game and see how far can you go Secrets are waiting for you.

  • HD 3d graphic and lighting
  • Containing non-traditional puzzles
  • completely pharaonic
  • Contain stages of horror



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