Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Download TranscriptSnagger Pro Version For Free (Windows)

SRT caption files or text transcripts of YouTube videos in any available language? How about a word search that can link you directly to the part of the video where the word or phrase is used? TranscriptSnagger is for you.Just paste in the URL of the YouTube video and click the Search button. It will go out and find all the available closed caption tracks that have been uploaded for that video and
display them in the list.Then choose whether you want SRT files or Text Transcripts. If you choose Text Transcripts, you can choose the format of how you want your transcripts as either text in paragraph form or line-by-line, with or without timecode. Then click the Download button and it will save each language as a separate file. It’s that easy.

  • caption files or text transcripts of YouTube videos
  • SRT files or Text Transcripts
  • simple and good user interface



Download Link - Valid Till 30/06/2018

TranscriptSnagger Pro Version       

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