Thursday, 14 June 2018

Download Total RAM Speed Booster Pro Version For Free - Valid Till 21/06/2018 (Android App)

The intelligently designed booster engine will keep eye on RAM used by apps that are on background, and freezes/kills the background tasks which will end up in giving the "forefront" app a big RAM usability share [i.e the top most displayed app/game will get more RAM share and resources]. Thus when playing high end games, if you feel that your device is slow or lagging, just minimize the app/game and boost
your RAM using TRB or just use TRB widget for that lightning speed gaming experience.Total RAM Booster is not just another task killer. It has a newly developed innovative RAM optimization technique named "Reduced Wake Up Optimization". It scans and find the most "waking up" apps and freezes/kills* them without root/super-user permission for a better RAM Boost.Total RAM Booster gives you lot of dedicated RAM share for gaming. A must have for all devices.

  • 1 Tap RAM Booster. Game Booster.
  • Home screen Booster Widget.
  • Automatically Boost RAM.
  • Boost when RAM is overloaded.
  • CPU usage analysis.



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