Sunday, 24 June 2018

Download Stone Of Souls Pro Version For Free (Android Game)

Action horror with RPG elements where mysterious corridors and dungeons, a lot of sinister monsters and quests are waiting for you. You'll have to find out where the evil is born and if the Stone Of Souls is the only artifact. Maybe it is just a part of single whole, united evil.I came into this old and mysterious castle emitting a death smell to find a sinister stone of souls and to stop the necromancer. It is rumored
that the castle has many underground corridors where terrible rituals are held. I’m facing a hard way where I have to stay alive as nobody has survived here. It’s time to put an end to the necromancer’s violence terrifying the whole neighborhood.

  • Action horror with RPG elements
  • mysterious corridors and dungeons
  • lot of sinister monsters 
  • good user interface 




Download Link - Valid Till 28/06/2018

Stone Of Souls Pro Version  

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