Friday, 15 June 2018

Download SafeDNS Pro Version For Free - Valid Till 28/06/2018 (Windows)

Use your chance to get SafeDNS to safeguard your kids and yourself from everything you dislike about the web – gross stuff, malware, phishing, annoying ads, time wasters. With SafeDNS find everything you need to better protect all your family members from unwanted sites and cyber threats. You decide what devices SafeDNS will be on – your home Wi-Fi router or individual devices to stop worrying where your
children surf to and how much time they spend online.Confident enough to play around with router settings? Teach your OpenWRT-based router new tricks like applying an individual filtering policy for every device on your network, even for devices behind NAT.With the award-winning SafeDNS web filtering service you can block any inappropriate and dangerous content online before it becomes accessible to your family members. For each of them you can create an individual set of filtering rules. Protect your children against porn and adult content, online gaming and social media sites. Make sure kids do not spend your money buying stuff in app stores. Filter out most internet ads, malicious and phishing sites for all of your dear and near ones.

  • Wi-Fi router or individual devices to stop
  • filtering service 
  • SafeDNS protected device a block page
  • Protect your unwanted sites




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