Monday, 18 June 2018

Download PV1 PHANTOMVOX TOUCH GHOST BOX Pro Version For Free (Android App)

The PV1 PhantomVox is a new way to perform EVP and ITC research. The sounds within PhantomVox are free of words or phrases. They were created using a "Whisper box" and a "Whisper Board" ITC divination devices built by Andrew Openlander. The sounds were then post-processed in multiple tracks, reversed, crossfaded, distorted etc.These sounds are designed to be a bit like static hum. These sounds
cover a wide ange of frequencies and through research with the whisper box have shown to be able to produce entire sentences in replies.Full, studio quality reverb controls further extend the sound bank into a limitless supply or unique sounds.PhantomVox uses one audio bank of sounds. Split across 4 channels. Files are sliced at random from .250ms to 1 sec.Sounds are activated when you touch the screen. You can then use your finger to blend across the 4 channels of random audio tied to each side. And simply remove your finger to stop the sounds.

  • perform EVP and ITC research
  • free of words or phrases
  • post-processed in multiple tracks
  • ITC divination devices



Download Link - Valid Till 24/06/2018


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