Friday, 22 June 2018

Download Picture Cutout Guide Pro Version For Free (Windows)

Picture Cutout Guide separates solid objects from an arbitrary background on one image/photo, applies background effects (filling, shadowing, blur), and allows transferring of the objects to another image/photo. In other words, it allows you to make photomontages. It has simple and good user interface. Picture Cutout Guide allows the multiple features on single window.It has interactive software.It
has Wide Edge allows separation of an object from its background and storage for later making a picture collage, applies background effects and pastes a separated image into another photo, makes a collage of pictures, fulfills export and import of the objects.

  • allows separation of an object
  • picture collage
  • Paste Object
  • Smart Patch



Download Link - Valid Till 24/06/2018

Picture Cutout Guide Pro Version   

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