Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Download Mindset A Mind Stretching Casual Game Pro Version For Free (Android Game)

Mindset is a minimalistic evolution of a match-3 game. The goal of the game is to find all sets of three adjacent symbols whose characteristics either match or differ. Each symbol has three characteristics: Color, Shape, and Shading. The color can be blue, green, or red. The shape can be a triangle, a circle, or a square. And the shading can be solid, striped, or empty. Each of these characteristics either need to
be the same or different for three consecutive horizontal or vertical symbols to make a set. You beat the level when you’ve found all possible sets on the board.

  • Over 450 Levels
  • Google Play Achievements
  • Random Level Generator
  • Colorblind friendly options in settings
  • Relaxing and low pressure, no timer



Download Link - Valid Till 24/06/2018

Mindset A Mind Stretching Casual Game Pro 

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