Friday, 29 June 2018

Download Mag2GO Pro Version For Free (Windows)

Mag2GO is a digital publishing software that publishes magazines, periodicals and other publications into mobile devices. It creates iOS and Android app and publishes your magazine into the app. You are able to create newsstand magazine app and standard app for Apple Appstore and Google Play.Both of online and offline reading is supported by the app created by Mag2GO.Readers can read online directly
without waiting for content to download first. Or tap the Download button to download in the background for offline reading. It also allows your readers to preview some pages before subscribing or buying. This feature will convert more readers into paying customers. Moreover, Mag2GO let you fully custom the interface for your app. It transforms your magazine app to match your brand. You can tailor the look-and-feel in minutes.With Mag2GO, you are able to embed video and hyperlink on page of your magazine. It has the ability to place advertising banners on the storefront

  • UI is simple and intuitive
  • create applications with this tool
  • share any page to the social networks
  • Send push notifications directly




Download Link - Valid Till 27/07/2018

Mag2GO Pro Version        

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