Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Download Dots puzzle Pro Version For Free - Valid Till 15/06/2018 (Android Game)

Dots puzzle readies your minds for some challenging brain puzzle game that is simple and colorful also fun and even encourages using logical thinking.Sounds easy, right? Well, it is not. To successfully reach the next level you have to use your mind, logic and especially think twice before making a move, as you not only have to just match colors and connect the dots but also connect them by filling the whole
gameboard with color. Get obsessed while finding your way through 240 challenging puzzle levels! Think logically the game is not called puzzle for nothing.Turn your full attention to problem solving and connecting the dots in 8 different maze like gameboards with 4 different difficulty levels.

  • excellent puzzle game that encourages logical thinking
  • Addictive & colorful
  • Touch a dot and drag it to another dot 
  • Train your mind logic



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