Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Download DeepAbyss Pro Version For Free (Android Game)

Control the newest submarine the Deep Abyss, please collect the radioactive waste dumped in the deep sea.Searching for radioactive waste dumped in the deep sea using sonar and torpedoes and your senses.Various obstacles will interfere with your search.It consists of a 50 normal missions, 50 hard missions and more challenge missions.Use a mission rewards, you can upgrade the Deep Abyss.Some
of the profits will be donated for the clean sea.Control methods are intended. may be more comfortable use lower left move button & lower right ability button. but I think that the current control method would be more compatible feeling about deep sea exploration. I will be glad when you consider your finger to be an obstacle. 

  • newest submarine the Deep Abyss
  • radioactive waste dumped
  • 50 normal missions
  • 50 hard missions and more challenge missions
  • mission rewards



Download Link - Valid Till 24/06/2018

DeepAbyss Pro Version     

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