Saturday, 30 June 2018

Download Add and subtract within 20 Pro Version For Free (Android Game)

Introducing the new generation of math learning apps powered by handwritten digit recognition. Handwritten input is the most natural for children, no more multiple choice questions or distraction through keyboard input. With our apps kids can better focus on tasks and get a chance to improve their handwriting. This app was designed to help children to practice and improve their skills in adding and
subtracting numbers up to 20. Starting with the most simple problems the difficulty gradually increases when the child makes progress. For a better learning experience the app keeps track of all incorrect answers and repeats those particular math problems more frequently. You can review where your math skills are weaker, this is especially great for parents who want to see where their child may need help and more practice. 

  • multiple choice questions or distraction 
  • adding and subtracting numbers up to 20
  • better learning experience
  • Good user interface



Download Link - Valid Till 5/07/2018

Add and subtract within 20 Pro Version  

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