Friday, 19 February 2016

CheckOnMe Pro Version For Free - Valid Till 8/06/2018 (App)

New better Performance version is on the way, rewritten from scratch, still underprogrees, if you are interested, send me, and I'll send you a promo code to get it free of charge.The only app that DOES NOT need internet to report accurate location of, just send SMS from your mobile "Where are you" in English or IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE, and get the location and speed of the people whom you concern about.You can only find people who have this app installed on their phone and who have
listed you as a trusted contact.Without internet your device will read your GPS location, and sent it back to the trusted number via sms. The trusted number should start by international code with "+" if the trusted number is in UK.This is a parental app that aims to help parents helping their kids/elders/people with self control disabilities (also can be used with drivers, sales team, field employees),Knowing their kids location, by sending them SMS with `where are you` phrase, or a pre-defined secret word/phrase that parents sets in thier kid's devise.Calls recording option, so the parents can check if their kids had been abused, threatened or miss-leaded.Urgency detection, that push a notification to get the kid attention in case his/her parents sent an SMS with word `urgent`,Unmute option, that help parents unmuting their kid's mobile, by sending a secret word in SMS,so that they can ring their kid after getting the mobile unmuted, and he/she can attend the call.CallBack option, that once the kid's mobile receive an SMS with a predefined secret word/phrase, the mobile will call back the parent device, so that the parents can listen to the sounds in the environment around their kids, and can take the required actions to protect/safe them.The default `Where are you` is saved in 75 languages, with different accents, however the parents can saved their own secret word or phrase. 

  • Record Telephonic Calls
  • Make Notification if received SMS contains the word "Urgent" 
  • Respond to my own secret keywords
  • Unmute and ring the mobile when receiving SMS contains special word




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